Apply For Assistance
Who is this for?

Firefighters, EMS providers, emergency dispatchers, or their family members, experiencing a hardship due to an injury or illness, including mental illness.

Who qualifies to receive assistance?

In order to qualify, you must meet all of the requirements below and submit an application. We would love to fund every application, but NW Brotherhood has a budget that is based on public donations and we can't guarantee funding for every application . 

Qualification Requirements:

  • Washington state resident and legal US citizen

  • Requesting a maximum of $1,000

  • Affiliated with a fire department, EMS agency, or city/county emergency communications center within Washington state (public, private, full-time, part-time, volunteer, union, non-union qualify)

  • In good standing with current agency

  • Individuals on a leave of absence or separated due to an illness or injury will be considered

  • Able to provide documentation, upon request, as to the reason for the hardship

  • Provide financial statements,upon request, showing the need for assistance

  • Has not received any assistance from NW Brotherhood Foundation within the past 12 months

During the application review and award process we may ask for information such as last pay stub, current unpaid balance of medical bills, etc.

How does the process work?

First we receive a completed application. Once a month we meet and will review them. Once an individual is awarded the money, they will be contacted by phone or email. Before any funds will be paid, the person receiving the money will need to fill out a W-9 form.

Generally, the the person needing the assistance will not be paid directly. NW Brotherhood will ask for information on which bills need paid and send the creditor a check directly. If the request is for something else, like groceries, gas etc., then arrangements can be made, if needed. 

Due to the amount of applications we may not contact everyone that is turned down. If your application is turned down initially, it will be kept on file for 3 months and will be reviewed each month. We may ask for updated information each time. After 3 months you will need to fill out a new application.


If you meet all of the required qualifications, fill out the form below and email or mail it to us.



NW Brotherhood Foundation              

PO Box 477

Tenino, WA 98589