Board of Directors
There are currently 3 occupied positions of our 5-person board. Along with the Secretary / treasurer, they make up the executive board. The board is responsible for adopting and enforcing policies as well as ensuring the organization is operating efficiently and effectively.
Everyone on the executive board are volunteers and the organization does not have any paid employees. In order to be effective in our mission, we feel that every dollar raised needs to be put to good use helping others.


  • Firefighter/EMT - 18 years (volunteer and career)

  • Business management

Roger brings his experience as a first responder and business management to help run the organization. He has the ability to connect with business owners and other organizations to help them recognize that there is a problem and how we would like to fix it. NW Brotherhood wouldn't be possible without his hard work and dedication.


Roger like to spend his spare time with his wife and son. He likes to work around their property and take the occasional camping trip. 

Roger Moore


Joe Richey


Joel Bengtson


Katie Moore